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Judge Sonia Sotomayor Confesses What Is The Most Difficult Part Of Her Job

36 mins ago

New York - Judge Sonia Sotomayor, the first Latina on the United States Supreme Court and who identifies as Puerto…

This Is How Britney Spears Celebrates Her 39th Birthday, Alongside Sam Asghari

The 'Princess of Pop' is celebrating with her boyfriend and to share all her happiness with her followers, she delighted…

38 mins ago

US Lawmakers Present Constitutional Amendment That Would Eliminate Form Of Slavery As Punishment

NEW YORK - US lawmakers on Wednesday introduced a joint resolution aimed at removing text from the Constitution that enshrines…

2 hours ago

Fernanda Castillo Tells Of The Inexplicable Things That Her Baby Has Done For Her

Fernanda Castillo says that Liam, who is about to be born, has protected her and has been her accomplice throughout…

3 hours ago

Livia Brito Accuses Photographer: “It Destroyed My Career”

Livia Brito accuses photographer: "It destroyed my career" | Instagram "I don't want to destroy his career," the photographer has…

3 hours ago

Chivas Vs Club León: Clau Selvas Ignites The Duel Against La Fiera With a Captivating Photo

The Chivas Rayadas del Guadalajara and the Esmeraldas de León open the activity of the first leg of the semifinals…

4 hours ago

Technological Advances That Will Change Medicine

Technological advances impact the day-to-day life of all people in all areas and the world of health does not escape…

4 hours ago

William Levy’s Son Reappears After Spectacular Accident

Christopher, the eldest son of Willliam Levy and Elizabeth Gutiérrez, was seen for the first time after the accident he…

4 hours ago

H! CELEBRITIES This Is The Christmas Decoration Of Jacky Bracamontes

h! CELEBRITIES This is the Christmas decoration of Jacky Bracamontes READ MORE WAB NEWS

4 hours ago

Hospitals In The United States Are Looking For More Doctors And Nurses To Stop The Rise In COVID-19 Infections

Omaha, Nebraska - America's hospitals overwhelmed by the number of COVID-19 patients are trying to get retired nurses and doctors…

5 hours ago

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