10-year-old Boy And Two Others In New Jersey High School Are Shot

Five men, including the alleged perpetrator of the shooting, were arrested in connection with a shooting during an American football game at a high school in New Jersey that was the product of a "petty revenge," authorities said Saturday. Three people were injured, two seriously.

Shooting in a crowded stadium where the Camden Panthers and the Pleasantville Greyhounds played a playoff game shattered spectators and players.

A 10-year-old boy was in critical condition, while a 27-year-old man was stable and awaiting an operation. A 15-year-old boy was touched by a bullet. The names of the victims were not disclosed.


Prosecutor Damon Tyner said the shooting had no relationship with schools, but that it was an act of "petty revenge" between criminal gangs.

Tyner said Alvin Wyatt, 31, of Atlantic City, was charged with attempted murder and illegal carrying of weapons. Three other men were accused of carrying weapons and the remaining of carrying and evading arrest.

The stadium in Pleasantville, near Atlantic City, was packed with people on Friday to see the Greyhounds, which this season won their first title in 43 years.

The videos obtained by The Associated Press show people falling to the ground, running from the stands and jumping over chain fences while gunshots are heard. At least six shots are heard in a Jersey Sports Zone video, which also shows players stopping in the middle of the game, watching the stands and then turning and running.

Scared spectators and some of the players knocked down a fence in their hurry to escape the boundaries of the field. Some children ended up separated from their parents and other parents hugged their babies and toddlers to avoid being run over by those fleeing, according to Jonathan Diego, who was at the game in Pleasantville, near Atlantic City.

"It was chaos, literally people who came running in a crowd," added Diego, who helped train a youth soccer team in Pleasantville who participated in a match in which three people were shot in 2005. All survived. That same team was practicing in 2015 when a spectator was shot but survived.