11 Year Old Girl Is Pregnant By Her “boyfriend” Of 20

Phoenix, Arizona.- A 20-year-old man was arrested for sexual abuse, after pregnant an 11-year-old girl. He argues that they are "boyfriends" and are very much in love.

The parents of the child declared to the local media that in November 2018 her daughter arrived with a hickey on her neck, when investigating the matter they discovered that she had a relationship with the subject that responds to the name of Carlos Cobo-Pérez. At that time they filed a complaint with the police.

During the interrogations, Carlos confessed to being responsible for the marks that the girl had on the neck, product of kisses, also promised to end the love relationship they were maintaining.


Five months after the incident, the child's parents discover that she is a month and a half pregnant. This happened to the family's efforts to keep the subject away.

She is an 11-year-old girl, he is 20, almost 21. But she said she already knew what she wanted. He got into his head, and she fell in love easily, ”said the girl's stepfather.

Friends and neighbors reported that they also knew about this relationship and emphasize that they are "in love."

I told him it's crazy, – said a neighbor. – He would like to try to get away from her because she is small and he is older. "

The young man, who is an undocumented person, was arrested and charged with sexual conduct with a minor, in the same way a bond of 150 thousand dollars was imposed.