15 Art Museums Around The World That You Can Visit Virtually

We set out on a journey through some of the most famous art museums in the world, but we do it without leaving home. Without getting up from the couch. And for this we only need a screen and a good internet connection, more than enough to virtually visit places that are named Louvre, Hermitage, Orsay, Guggenheim or Uffizi.

As we go we will see that some museums use their own web pages to invite us to visit their rooms and walk among their works, and in others that visits are possible thanks to the work of the Google Arts & Culture institute, which includes content from more than 2,000 museums of the world. Through 360º photographs we can stop in front of our favorite works, turn around, walk to another room and, in some cases, access additional information by displaying information panels about what we are seeing.


To visit the entire Louvre we would need several days, but if you have time at home through its website you can also see some of its works. Virtual access is not to all its rooms, so you will have to encourage yourself to cross its glass pyramid on your own foot to meet in person The Mona Lisa.

The New York Metropolitan is one of the best museums in the world and, as its website advertises, here you can experience 5,000 years of art online. With ‘The MET 360º Project’ we have access to different videos recorded in 360 to experience the museum in our own air.

The Uffizi Gallery is an essential visit if we pass through Florence. But if not, it is too. Through its website, and using Google technology, it offers us a virtual tour of its main rooms. Works like The birth of Venusby Sandro Botticelli, or The Annunciationby Leonardo da Vinci, they await you there.

Some of the most famous works by Monet, Cézanne, Pissarro, Renoir or Gauguin await us in this Parisian art gallery. Through your website We can know the details of each piece, but to visit its galleries we will turn to Google Arts & Culture.

The Hermitage in Saint Petersburg is much more than a museum. Through its website we can walk through its rooms calmly, without haste or crowds. Stopping at the pieces of greatest interest and even entering the Winter Palace. The collection is so extensive that the plans become essential so as not to get lost.

In this case, we are going to see the work and life of Vincent van Gogh in his own museum, where the largest collection of the artist in the world is located. To do so, Google Arts & Culture has prepared a complete virtual tour in which we will be able to see in detail paintings that you have probably never seen before.

The Museum of Fine Arts in Seville is home to some of the most important works by Murillo and Zurbarán, with a significant collection of Spanish Baroque. In addition to knowing the details and characteristics of many of his paintings, we can move around the museum on our own thanks to Google.

The Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya, or MNAC, takes us through the Romanesque and Gothic, as well as modern and contemporary art. It has a huge artistic collection and there is no shortage of works by El Greco, Velázquez, Fortuny, Gaudí, Ramón Casas, Julio González and Dalí. It is located in the Palau Nacional, but thanks to Google Arts & Culture we can complete the visit from home.

We immerse ourselves in Dalí’s surrealism as you could never have imagined before. The museum has carried out a 3D recreation of its facilities and through it we will be able to visit its rooms just as we would in person, delighting ourselves and learning about the installations and the most original works of the Catalan genius.

In this case, it is once again Google Arts & Culture that takes us to see one of the most famous museums in Spain. And it is not only to marvel at visiting the spectacular Frank Gehry building, but also walking through its rooms to discover works by Rothko, Basquiat, Oteiza or Klein.

If South Korea catches us a bit far, Google Arts & Culture brings it closer to us in this virtual tour. We are not talking about a museum, but about four venues spread over Gwacheon, Deoksugung, Seoul and Cheongju. Also, in the museum website we can know his works one by one and in detail.

Another museum that, if it weren’t for the Google Institute of Art and Culture, we wouldn’t have anything easy to visit. The MASP is a private non-profit institution, the work of Assis Chateaubriand, and has one of the most important collections in Latin America. In it we will see works ranging from classical antiquity to contemporary art.

Known as the NGV, it is the largest and oldest art gallery in Australia. His collection seems to have no end and includes everything from indigenous pieces to the latest trend creations. On its website a good number of virtual visits have been prepared through interactive 3D recreations that offer us a good amount of information as we move from room to room.

The Rijksmuseum is an opportunity to enjoy flamenco art. The museum has developed an App to experience multimedia visits from the mobile phone and thus enter the 17th century Holland from the palm of our hand. Also, through Google Arts & Culture We can also walk through its rooms at our free will.

The Prado Museum opens its collection to the internet and through its website we can consult each of its works, knowing all its details and being able to search by author, period, subject or school. In addition, to enter its rooms and walk among some of the most famous paintings in the world we can always resort to the virtual visit Prado roomby Google Arts & Culture.



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