2020 Elections In The United States: All Democratic Candidates Competing To Face Trump

Michael Bloomberg officially entered the race to become the Democratic presidential candidate that Trump will have to face in November 2020.

The billionaire and former mayor of New York took a step forward to "beat Donald Trump and rebuild the United States."

This was stated by the magnate, one of the wealthiest men in the country, with an estimated fortune of US $ 54.4 billion, according to Forbes magazine.


Born in Massachusetts, he began his career as a Wall Street banker before creating the financial publishing empire that bears his name.

Over the years, the entrepreneur has donated millions of dollars to all kinds of causes: from educational to medical, or even political.

Anthony Zurcher analysis:

Bloomberg is an entrepreneur who relies on data. But an advanced degree in quantitative analysis is not needed to realize that the Democratic camp – even at this point (relatively late) – is still in a period of change.

Their strategy seems to be to let the candidates leading the polls fight each other in the first states to vote on them, and then enter the battle in a reduced political arena using their unlimited resources.

It is a risky move that only someone like Bloomberg, with a vast fortune, can afford.

Even so, it is hard to imagine that the Democrats are ready to opt for a plutocrat and Republican from New York, close to the business world and conservative in the financial field, and who previously opposed health insurance managed by the government or the legalization of marijuana.

At least, however, his entry into the Democratic race will allow him to pressure the party – which he believes is turning dangerously to the left – to return to the pro-business center.



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