2020 Elections | Special Electoral Jury: There Is No Correction For The Exclusion Of Candidates Who Omitted Information In Their Resumes

The president of the Special Electoral Jury Lima Center 1, Luis Carrasco, clarified this Sunday that there is no correction for causes of exclusion to candidates for the Congress of the Republic who omit information about their property, income or sentences in their resume statement.

In the Sunday News Expansion program, Luis Carrasco stressed that Article 23.3 of the Law on Political Organizations is clear on the issue of exclusion and that the remedies do not proceed because they were made after the warning of the fault.

"The internal control bodies begin to make the comparison and say 'sir here there is an omission' and they say 'we remedy', but that is not the issue, the rule is punctual. The law is established on an objective basis," he said.


Luis Carrasco explained that the verification and verification of the information is objective. In his opinion, if evaluated on a subjective basis, all candidates could say that they did not intend to omit this statement.

According to the National Jury of Elections, 722 applicants were left out of the electoral race, of which 359 were excluded mainly for omitting mandatory information on the resume regarding criminal, civil and property sentences and income.

Case of Fernando Cilloniz

The head of the JEE Lima Centro 1, Luis Carrasco, lamented the exclusion of the former regional governor of Ica, Fernando Cilloniz, from the extraordinary 2020 congressional elections.

The applicant of Peru Patria Segura failed to inform in his sworn statement the ownership of his vehicle and to record another error.

However, candidate Carlos Anderson (Patria Segura) said he also entered his company's vehicle. However, its correction was admitted and now continues in the electoral race.

"The situation that has been resolved in two different cases, is what they have said, I do not accept it," said Luis Carrasco.

Question "legalisms"

The former governor of Ica and until recently a candidate for Peru Patria Segura, Fernando Cilloniz, admitted that he made a mistake by not recording his vehicle on his resume.

In the Sunday News Expansion program, he said he corrected the problem the day after sending information to the National Election Jury.

"I have two vehicles, one of my company that I use and that I wrongly recorded and my vehicle used by my wife," said the applicant and rejected that he tried to hide this type of information since it is recorded in public records.

For Fernando Cilloniz, these "legalisms" violate the spirit of the law when the objective is to prevent criminals from entering the Congress of the Republic.

Fernando Cilloniz questioned the "legalisms" in the 2020 election race

Fernando Cilloniz questioned the "legalisms" in the 2020 election race