26 Years Later, Two Lost Scenes From The Movie Super Mario Bros. Reappear.

We all agree that Super Mario Bros., the 1993 movie, does not belong to the heap of good video game adaptations. Which does not mean that, even today, his delirious universe continues to generate some interest. Especially when new footage has been discovered.

The story comes from behind. Back in May of this year, the website dedicated to the film smbmovie.com obtained a VHS film from the film with no less than 15 minutes extra. A kind of extended version, although without digital effects. That discovery was too good to hide from the world.

Have you seen these plumbers? If the answer is no, consider yourself lucky


In this way, and thanks to the magic of YouTube and the work of Cyberpunk Studios, it is already possible to take a look at two deleted scenes that did not reach the final assembly.

A (un) past evolution of thread

Let's get in situation. According to the film, the world to which the Mario brothers travel is different from the one we all know. Until there as always. The difference, however, is that both Koopa (which we now know as Bowser), and Toad and the princess herself have evolved from dinosaurs instead of apes.

Koopa, played by Dennis Hopper, takes the Mario brothers to a room where there is a mysterious machine capable of transforming people into their original form. Usually in Goombas. And that's where the unpublished scene comes on screen.

In the final assembly you see a kind of porridge on the ground that appeared out of nowhere. However, the reason that this plasta was there is that, after using the machine in front of the Mario brothers, Koopa ordered to repeat the process with one of his own henchmen. Someone who dared to sneeze before him.

Of course, this minion devolved much more than the previous subject, causing his body to go back to the phase of the original fungi. And, incidentally, giving meaning to the puddle of the footage that appeared in the film version.

Nobody touches my tools

In addition to the previous one, we have the first of the scenes recovered by SMB Movie and shared in May of this year. In it, we are taken to the beginning of the film in which you can see the tension between the Mario brothers and their rivals in the trade, the not-so-ethical plumbers of Scapelli Construction.

The curious thing is that through this lost footage the reason for one of the most free phrases in the film is shown: when Mario insists effusively that nobody touches the tools.

Another funny detail of this scene is that, for the first time, the last name Mario is used, just before the protagonists such as Mario Mario and Luigi Mario were identified in the police station scene and giving a previous sense of why they are known Like the Mario brothers.

Mario's return to the billboards

While we have Sonic's debut on the big screen for next year, we cannot forget that the alliance between Nintendo and Universal goes beyond the amusement parks: Mario will return to the movie theaters with Illumination studio , creators, among other films, of the troubled Minions.

It is not that you have to do too much to raise the bar in front of Super Mario Bros., but it is clear that – despite its defects – the film starring Bob Hoskins and John Leguizamo did not go unnoticed or forgotten. Much more than other videogame adaptations have achieved.

Until new news of the Universal movie, or new lost montage of the 1993 movie, we leave you with the Super Mario Bros. trailer.