30 Years Later! Julia Roberts Is Still Furious With This Scene Of “Pretty Woman”

Few people in the world do not even know the face of Julia Roberts, one of the most sought-after actresses in Hollywood.

And is that the most beautiful smile girl of the entire film industry, it did know how to stay in the heart of everyone who ever saw their films. Related News But it is known that the production that catapulted the redhead to fame was undoubtedly “Pretty Woman”, the most viewed romantic comedy in the history of cinema.

“Many years ago I auditioned for a movie called 3,000, which was the title of the original script of Pretty Woman. But that version had a much harder ending, ”Roberts revealed in an interview with Variety.


In the film, Richard Gere is a single billionaire who seeks company in a street worker for a party. This ends in a love story with the actress who was 23 years old at the time.

One of the most acclaimed and satisfying scenes of the film is the time when Roberts wants to buy clothes in an elegant clothing store and is denied, because of his appearance.

But the next day, fully transformed and loaded in bags of other stores, “Vivian” returns to the store to make his release on the juicy commission they lost to discriminate. The scene was played millions of times worldwide and remains the favorite part of the movie.