3B Will Be Dominican In The All-Star Game

Voters choosing an American League third baseman in the Dodger Stadium All-Star Game (July 19th) face less difficult dilemmas than those with World Baseball Classic Dominika managers and coaches. March next year. Jose Ramirez or Rafael Devers?

Devers was the start of his best season, leading the vote after the first breaking news was published last week, with 727,669 votes, 16,302 more than Ramirez. However, with the addition of 508,337 cards to the Vanillejo and 458,237 cards to the Red Sox in seven days, the leadership of those who defend Cleveland’s hot corner by 33,798 votes has changed.

Voting ends on Thursday in this first phase, with the two most supported players in each position advancing to different rounds and becoming candidates through various digital platforms in Major League Baseball. This road looks like a battle between Kiskeyan, as Matt Chapman (Toronto) is 489,350 votes away from Devers.


The argument that the public is a jury trial to tie a knot each week has proven to be more complicated than it looks.

From Bani to Samana

Ramirez was the best third baseman in the five years of 2017 and 2021 in another campaign where he entered the pool of the most valuable players.

It was a stretch that ended three times in the first three he voted for MVP and achieved four visits to the All-Star Game with three Silver Sluggers. Only Mookie Betts (28.9) and Mike Trout (28.9) had more WARs than he did in all baseball.

At the age of 29 this season, he started better than ever with .300 / .387 / .613 attack lines, 16 home runs and 63 RBIs, an attack contribution 78% above the MLB average. His contributions are key to the Guardian’s participation in teams with playoff options.

Devers is aiming for a second All-Star by pushing his name into a premature MVP debate with a blank slate, comfortably in a negotiable and unobtrusive stance, without spotlighting other contemporary phenomena. increase.

This converted left-handed batter is the second player in production, measured at 4.2 by WAR at FanGraphs this season, second only to Manny Machado (4.3), who participates in the third-base debate at the 2023 Classic. ..

At the age of 25, in the penultimate campaign before reaching a free agency, he led the entire MLB with hits (97) and a line of .333 / .390 / .605. This is an important contribution of Boston to excite the postseason. Division with Yankees, Rays and Blue Jays.

Devers has already collected 17 home runs, 45 RBIs and 26 doubles (his league leader), doubling the US $ 11 million he earned this season by 2023.

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