4 Exercises To Strengthen The Core And Mark Abs

Strengthening the core, that is, the set of muscle groups that comprise abdominals, back, hips, pelvis and buttocks, has become one of the main recommendations of fitness experts since it has been shown that working the area well can help prevent injuries and improve our performance in daily activities, sports and recreation that require muscles to work together and not in isolation.

In addition, a weak core can cause all kinds of postural problems that can lead to the appearance of neck, back (mainly lumbar), knees and hip pains. The groups that make up the area are basic for balance and help stabilize the body before any movement so, if they are not strengthened enough, they force the rest of the surrounding muscles to compensate, causing tension with the passage of time and pain .

Iron: health benefits and how to do it


In this sense one of the best exercises we can do to strengthen the core is the iron, which brings countless benefits:

Reduces the risk of injury.
Improves coordination, balance and flexibility.
Improves posture, which facilitates breathing.
The stronger the core musculature, the greater protection for internal organs.
It helps to complete everyday tasks of all kinds that involve bending down or turning, among others.
It helps prevent the dreaded back, neck and shoulder pains.
Despite the apparent immobility, it allows burning calories and fat so it helps control weight.

How is the iron made?

The basic and initial posture is that in which the elbows and forearms rest on the floor, the elbows being aligned with the shoulders and arms in a straight line. The legs should be equally extended and the support should be made on the toes. From there, it should be strong and push the body keeping the back straight and aligned with the legs.

How long should an iron last?

Most experts suggest that between 10 and 30 seconds is sufficient since it is preferable to make multiple series in small time intervals.

4 basic exercises to strengthen the core.

At this point, Sergio Peinado, a graduate in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences, personal trainer and one of the influencers of the moment in the field of fitness, compares four exercises, including three variations of the plate, which are aimed at destabilize the body to force the core to work harder. To make the exercises more effective, Hairstyle recommends using an object, in this case a backpack, that brings some weight to the equation.

· Iron with object forward.

· Iron with object sideways.

· Side iron with object.

· Lumbar bridge changing leg.

The peronsal trainer recommends using 20 seconds in each exercise and completing the circuit 3 times with a break between 10 seconds of exercise. As we have mentioned before, the key to these exercises is instability, since at times, some support points are eliminated, muscle groups, and especially abdominal ones, must be used thoroughly.