49ers Mourn Missed Opportunities In The Super Bowl

SANTA CLARA, California, USA. (AP) – The parade that the San Francisco 49ers hoped to enjoy was held thousands of miles away, in Kansas City, instead of celebrating their sixth Super Bowl win, which would have matched the best mark in history , the Niners occupied Wednesday morning to empty their lockers, say goodbye and wonder how it seemed that a comfortable 10-point lead in the fourth period quickly disappeared to lose 31-20 to the Chiefs. “As an offensive, like one team, we have been in that same situation on multiple occasions and we always had an answer, ”said quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. “It’s hard when you didn’t do it that one time. It is what people will remember. This is the world we live in. You have to take responsibility and accept him as a man. It will give us energy in the recess before next season, it will give me energy to return better. ”It was an incredible rebound season, full of memorable moments with which San Francisco (15-4) became the third team in history to reach the Super Bowl after a campaign of four wins or less. But the campaign ended in disappointment. Garoppolo and the offensive crumbled in the fourth period, the defense could not stop Patrick Mahomes or the attack of the Chiefs. The Niners became the third team to lose a Super Bowl after taking advantage of 10 points in the second half. “It’s like watching‘ Titanic, “said catcher Emmanuel Sanders about the experience of watching the game video. “You hope the ship doesn’t sink. For some reason, the ship sinks again and again. ”The Niners seemed to be in good shape when they took advantage of 20-10, with less than 12 minutes left, after an interception by Tarvarius Moore. opportunity, a 12-yard shipment with George Kittle. He completed 10 of 21 passes that day but only two of his last 10, which accounts for his collapse at the end. A high pass to Deebo Samuel and a false start by Joe Staley led to a clearance that opened the door to the first of three consecutive scores in the fourth period by Kansas City. Only three teams have recovered from a disappointing defeat in the game for the NFL title to win the following year. Dallas and Miami did it in consecutive seasons, in 1971-72, and subsequently the New England Patriots did the same in 2018. Another eight Super Bowl losers have returned to the big game the following campaign to fall again, including Buffalo in three occasions.