5 Basic And Simple Exercises To Burn Calories At Home

Fortunately we no longer have an obligation to remain confined at home as in previous weeks and many have taken to the streets to resume their outdoor training habits or simply to take a walk after a period of time that has been endless, on everything for those who like to run or ride a bicycle, among other disciplines.

However, there may be many other people who want to wait a bit to avoid the possible crowds of the first days due to time slots and the demarcation of some areas. For all of them, training at home remains a highly recommended option that also provides numerous physical and psychological benefits. And remember that according to the World Health Organization, 30 minutes a day may be more than enough to ensure our health.

Benefits of physical exercise according to science
Reduces the risk of suffering from different cardiovascular diseases and high blood pressure.
Reduces the risk of diabetes and some types of cancer.
Improve bone and functional health, which prevents problems such as sarcopenia or osteorporosis.
It improves aspects such as balance, coordination or mobility.
Build muscles, improve core strength and fitness.
Helps maintain caloric balance and a healthy weight.
Strengthens mental health, reduces the risk of depression and helps manage stress.
Help to fall asleep, whose poor quality is also a focus of disease.
Workout routine


Once we are clear about the benefits of physical exercise, Sergio Peinado, a graduate in Physical Activity and Sports Sciences, personal trainer and one of the current influencers in the field of fitness, shares a training routine that includes exercises cardio, functional and body weight that will allow us to stay at a healthy weight.

5 basic exercises to burn calories
Squats (15 seconds)
Jumping Jacks (15 seconds)
Lunge back (15 seconds)
Knees up (15 seconds)
Push-ups (15 seconds)

As recommended by Peinado, the ideal is to do 15 seconds per exercise and rest 10 seconds between each one. In the same way, the expert advises to do a minimum of 3 series resting 5 minutes between each one of them, although if you look strong you can complete more. Remember that it is important to look for the progression and warm up well before starting physical activity to improve performance during training and also avoid the risk of injury.