5 Devices With Which You Will Save Energy And Save The Planet

All electronic devices in your home contribute to global warming, and make you pay high bills! Fortunately, there are other devices that can save energy and thus help the planet and our finances. Metro presents the most efficient.

Wattvision is a power sensor and mobile application that helps you save money by providing you with live reports on your energy use. Thanks to the option to set goals and track your spending in real time, you'll never be surprised by your energy bill again.

The device works with two AA batteries and can be installed with a US standard toggle light switch. The EcoFlipper automatically returns the light switch to the off position, after the predetermined period without human presence, thus saving wasted energy.


MeWatt is a device that provides almost real-time energy monitoring and analysis of the energy use of your appliances. It will continuously collect data, providing you with alerts that will help you control the energy consumption of your home.

This comfortable electric timer can be controlled by an application. It plugs into the power connectors and through an application helps you define and control how long the light or device will be on.

It is an intelligent sensor that helps save energy by detecting when someone leaves a room. After that, XIA turns off the lights and the electrical power of the site. It also has an automatic shutdown based on intervals to increase savings.