5 Natural Remedies To Heal And Recover Energy

Learn to listen to what your body needs and be the main promoter of improving your energy levels and health status. Meet the best natural remedies to heal yourself through rest, food and relaxation

The lifestyle we lead today has led us to visit the doctor many more times than we would like. The balance between physical health, emotional health, the food we carry and how we interact, are essential pillars to maintain an optimal state of health. Learning to listen to the body more instinctively before resorting to doctors and drugs with side effects is key to starting the process of knowing ourselves more and learning about the benefits of self-healing. Know the main habits that will change the way you react to different and common conditions.

1. Learn to listen when your body needs a detoxification


When the body goes through a detoxification crisis it is very normal for strong colds and flu to occur, this is because through the mucus, dark urine, sweating and fever reflect the body's effort to clean itself. When these types of symptoms occur they are reflected in fatigue and extreme fatigue, lack of appetite, lack of concentration, malaise and very little energy. When this happens, it is an important indicator of taking care of us and the correct path is through food, it is therefore important to increase the consumption of vitamin C, ensure the intake of natural herbal infusions and consume foods with diuretic and detoxifying properties.

Detox./Photo: Shutterstock2. Sleep well

Sleep is the best way to purify our body mainly at night, so it is essential to give the body a good rest. Through this process that happens when we sleep, the main organs such as the pancreas, liver and kidneys are cleaned, so it is normal to wake up in the morning with a dry mouth and urinate a little more murky. Normally when a person feels exhausted, apathetic and with problems of physical and mental performance, they are signals sent by the body to warn that there is a disease or that it is urgent to give us a couple of days to rest and recover. Sometimes it is the only thing the body needs. Listen when asked!

Sleep / Photo: Pixabay3. Take care of your energy through food

During the digestion process the body invests too much energy, when you exceed in food or drinks your body collapses and goes through a state of drowsiness that the only thing that indicates is that the blood has withdrawn from the muscles and the brain. An extraordinary tip is to eat little and dine even less, when you change these habits your body better balances its energy state. It is also important to closely monitor the type of food and habits that are being followed, if you eat a lot of saturated fats, sugars, refined flours, if you smoke a large part of the day, you consume alcohol, this will translate into apathy and want to sleep the day. Opt for the consumption of fresh and seasonal foods, increase the intake of fruits, vegetables, natural liquids, infusions, cereals and fiber.

Salad / Photo: Shutterstock4. Learn to relax

Stress is one of the negative aspects that most influences our state of health, this is reflected in symptoms such as headache, diarrhea or constipation, tense muscles, weight variations, altered emotional states, sleep disorders, among others. When the mind is altered the body is not allowed to relax and rest will never be optimal. One of the main recommendations to avoid excessive stress is to practice yoga and meditation, when you get home from work disconnect your mind, prepare your room to rest, use aromatherapy, take a good hot bath and avoid heavy dining.

Meditation / Photo: Shutterstock5. Attack disease symptoms naturally

When your body sent the first signs of being sick with the flu, cold, digestive conditions or an infection, it attacks from the first moment. To begin strengthen your immune system an infusion of ginger with lemon in the morning will help you, consume plenty of fluids throughout the day, increase the intake of fruits and vegetables, cover yourself well from the cold, opt for natural treatments such as the use of essential oils , use hot packs and, above all, rest a lot.

Flu. / Photo: Shutterstock