5 Pages To Download Medicine E-books (all Legal)

eBooks are a perfect option in Medicine to increase your knowledge without spending a lot of money. Most digital books are cheaper than physical ones and there are even thousands that are free. Every July 4th marks World Ebook or Electronic Book Day.

Within the Medicine career it is essential to read large amounts of books and although before the only option was the physical format, now there are eBooks. It is a change driven by technology and one that is gaining more and more supporters. There are many advantages that it offers, although there are also several detractors who prefer tangible things.

The importance of constant updating in Medicine


In the first instance, the The habit of reading must be acquired from the first semester of the degree. And contrary to what some may consider, it does not end when you graduate from university. It must be kept for the rest of the life to continue with the updating of knowledge.

In fact, studies appear every day in prestigious scientific journals. To stay up-to-date, you need to be aware of these kinds of developments. Within health, the only certainty is that nothing is fixed.

But just as it happens in other aspects of life, digitization has arrived in the publishing field for a few years. Now it is possible to find a large number of eBooks on Medicine or any other subject, but first you must understand the meaning of this concept.

An eBook or electronic book is an electronic or digital publication of a title. While for its reading an e-reader or digital device is required. Although they can also be read on computers that have a controllable display screen and even on phones.

The good and the bad of digital books

The positive part of this alternative is that it does not promote the felling of trees because paper is not needed. They are also cheaper than the tangible versions.

While in the opposite part of this format, it has been accused of promoting piracy. In any case, in Saludiario we share a list with some pages that you can use to find Medicine eBooks and the best thing is that they are all legal to avoid problems with copyright.

Google Books

For starters you can check out the largest site in the world to find digital books. It has an immense collection of documents and books on medicine, although it also focuses on other areas. This database was created in 2005 and since then it has only grown daily to offer students, teachers and researchers in the field of health access to millions of documents and many are free.


Another option that is within your reach, although one of its limitations is that it only contains titles in English. If the language is not a problem for you, then you will be able to access more than 12,000 specialized titles in Medicine.


As in the previous case, it only focuses on eBooks in English, although the difference is that they are not only about Medicine but of the most diverse types. This is a huge digital library where you can find titles and many can be downloaded for free.

Free Books 4 Doctors

In this case the name says it all. It is an option focused entirely on Medicine eBooks. Unlike others, it has a wide variety of titles in different languages ​​such as English, French, German, Spanish and Portuguese.

Project Gutenberg

Its huge database allows you to read books online or download them in various formats on your devices. It is one of the pioneering pages in the field of electronic books. You could find a good collection of medical texts so that knowledge never escapes you.

And in your case, what other options do you recommend to read Medicine eBooks?



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