5 Tips For Exercise While Shopping

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Shopping is a necessary activity, because even if we don't like it from time to time, it is necessary to go out to the stores to stock from the pantry, buy gifts for the end of the year or get clothes for the family. And since for some people it has also become a hobby, now you could also turn it into a physical activity that is good for your health.

In fact, a few months ago a survey by Walls Single Exotic in England determined that on average women walk a total of 290 kilometers a year while shopping, which is the equivalent of 7 marathons.


According to these data, people can burn up to 15 thousand calories a year, just by walking through the shopping centers. The main reason is that, when walking through the stores an aerobic exercise is done, which helps to get rid of the accumulated fat, and so that this can be really effective here we leave you some tricks that will help you stay in shape while having fun .

1. Do cardio for extended periods

To start the caloric combustion in your body it is necessary to stay active for more than 30 minutes. In these cases it is best to visit large centers where you can stand or walk for about two hours.

It is also important not to wear heels, but shoes that support your body since it is a considerable time and otherwise you could cause ankle or back injuries.

2. Use your bags as weights

Try to distribute the weight of your things evenly. This does not mean that you need to carry items that are too heavy, but that you try to strain your muscles to work them while you load your products.

Experts stressed to the Daily Mail that this is even recommended by coaches, given the sedentary lifestyle of some people.

3. Use the stairs

If you want to tone your buttocks and legs, and improve your physical condition, there is nothing better than a good session on the stairs. So get away from the elastic bands, the escalators and the elevators, and better turn to the classic method that will give you an enviable figure.

4. Say “no” to cravings

The effect of physical activity will be null if you are used to fast food, fried foods, sodas, coffees, milkshakes or ice cream. That is why it is important that you give yourself a fair time to eat something healthy, in case you think it is necessary, and stay hydrated with natural water while you are shopping.

5. Lean in style

If you want to see some of the shelves you could try to do a squat or a flex, instead of just bending over. With this you will not only stretch your muscles but also relieve the pressure that is applied to the back, improving your health.

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