5 Tips To Start Your Fitness Routine And Not Quit

Exercise strengthens your muscles but also your mind

I know many find it very difficult, and sometimes impossible, to achieve a fitness routine, because many people try and fail, but we assure you it can happen. So hoping this post will give you motivation to start we give you 5 Tips To Start Your Fitness Routine and Not Quit

The word “exercise” is not defined although it seems otherwise. Exercising can be many things at once and can be adapted to your personal taste. For example, exercise can be: play sports, dancing, jogging, walking, going to the gym, swimming and a long list of options for all tastes and colors.

Perhaps already you tried with the kind of spinning or zumba and hated, or maybe you have not done your first day of weights and you hurt but that does not mean that all forms of exercise are the same. There are thousands of ways to move your body. The main thing is to define exactly what you want to do, and the more specific you are much better!


Keep it real!

When you’re about to start the habit of exercise, the first thing to consider is to start with what you can and be realistic. Useless to propose an ambitious goal and give up soon or have aching muscles a full week.

Every attempt and failure weakens your self-esteem and generates more mental stamina to start. Therefore, it is best to just start with something much easier than you think you can do. If you did exercise before and what you need is to pick up, the strategy of starting with very little applies to you too. If you already have in mind the exercise that you’re starting out, I analyze it again and decide whether it is realistic to start with that.

Ideally put an exact time and place, to make it easier to achieve, and if you can start at home much better!

  1. Write it:
    For example, I’ll do 15 minutes of training at 5:00 pm at home.
  2. Use reminders is very useful in order to motivate you : write papers, put on your agenda, use alarms.
  3. Something that works well is to do your training after something you always do ‘yes or yes. For example “after my afternoon coffee or morning ‘.
  4. Record your progress and progress will be your best motivation you can do with photos or download applications that help you record everything.
  5. Stop seeing it as a Chinese torture! Convince yourself how much fun it is, making it aware of its benefits. It is a time for fun, disconnect, or relieve stress.

The best way to be constant (and form the habit) is changing your mindset about exercise.
Think this every time you accomplish your goal of exercise:

• You’re giving love.
• You convert your stress into energy and motivation.
• You enjoy a moment just for you.
• You are investing in your future (how you’ll look at 70?).
• You are building a stronger and healthier version of yourself.
• strengthen your heart, your lungs, your body and your willpower.
• You create confidence in yourself (which allows you to achieve other goals).
• You start a complete transformation in all areas of your daily routine.

Do you want to become a person with more energy, more confident and happier? Do not wait, start today to form the habit of exercising and enjoying its benefits forever with your new lifestyle full of energy and happy.