50% Of The Population On The Island Lives With One Or More Chronic Diseases

50% of the population in Puerto Rico lives with one or more chronic diseases, the secretary of the Department of Health of the island, Rafael Rodríguez, reported Sunday.

Similarly, seven of the ten leading causes of death on the island occur due to suffering from a chronic illness, Rodriguez added in a press release.

"This is extremely worrying, because these types of conditions also represent the leading cause of disability and death in the United States and Puerto Rico," Rodriguez said.


Given this, Rodriguez called on health professionals to attend the V Conference for the Comprehensive Care of Chronic Diseases: "A look at our reality from the social determinants of health", which will take place on 21 and November 22 at the Embassy Suites hotel in Dorado.

"For this reason, this conference is so important and relevant for citizens and even more, for all our health professionals," explained the head of Health.

The activity, organized in collaboration with the Alliance for the Control of Chronic Diseases of Puerto Rico, will focus on highlighting the relevance of social determinants of health in the prevention and management and control of chronic diseases on the island.

"The social determinants of health are defined by the World Health Organization as the circumstances in which people are born, grow, live, work and age, including the health system they have," Rodriguez said.

The head of Health also said that the socio-ec onomic factor impacts up to 50% on the health status of a person.

"For this reason, it is essential that the prevention and control of chronic diseases is not limited only to traditional clinical and educational initiatives, but we must integrate other elements that support the individual and the family to maintain an optimal level of health," he said. Rodriguez

The director of the Division of Prevention and Control of Chronic Diseases, Antonio Cases, added that the appointment aims to "facilitate a better understanding of these social determinants of health, identify areas of need and promote that the various sectors of services and welfare in Puerto Rico develop initiatives that integrate these factors as an essential element for the prevention and control of chronic diseases. "

"We will have the opportunity to look at our reality as a country based precisely on social determinants and discuss how they influence the development, prevention and control of chronic diseases on the island," he said.

Some of the topics that will be part of the agenda are "The socio-economic aspect in the prevention, management and control of renal patients and their comorbidities", "Sustainable development goals and their involvement in the health sector", "Reduction of factors of risk "and" Intersectoral efforts for the prevention and control of chronic diseases ".