60 New Cases Of Coronavirus Detected In The Cruise Ship Moored In Yokohama

Tokyo, Feb. 10 (EFE) .- The Ministry of Health of Japan reported today of the detection of 60 new cases of transmission of the new coronavirus on the cruise ship that has been moored in the Japanese port of Yokohama since last week.

These new cases raise the number of infected people up to now in this vessel to 130 and place the total number of cases in Japan above 150, according to the new results of the medical tests carried out on board by the Japanese Ministry and collected by national media .

Since last Monday, the Diamond Princess cruise ship is located in Yokohama (south of Tokyo) with its 3,700 passengers and crew on board in quarantine, and the Japanese authorities have proceeded to analyze those who presented possible symptoms of the disease or had been in close contact with others infected.


The Ministry of Health decided to take these preventive measures before the ship arrived in Yokohama and upon learning that a Hong Kong citizen who was traveling on the ship and had landed in that autonomous region of China was infected with the new coronavirus.

In addition to the cases registered aboard the Diamond Princess, in Japan 26 infections of the new Wuhan coronavirus have been detected, according to the latest cases provided by the Ministry of Japan.

The Government of Japan also confirmed last Saturday the death of a 60-year-old Japanese citizen who was hospitalized in the Chinese city of Wuhan for severe pneumonia, which makes him the first Japanese believed to have died from the outbreak of the new coronavirus EFE



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