9 Compound Exercises For Chest And Abs That Help Burn Fat

It is possible that sometimes we try to optimize our training routines to the maximum and that we try to find a series of exercises that allow us to obtain results without investing too much time. For this reason, it is increasingly common to incorporate modalities that combine several movements and activate different muscle groups at the same time.

And that is precisely the goal we are pursuing with the following routine, courtesy of Jordan Yeoh, which focuses on both the core, especially the abs, and the pecs. Thus, thanks to a series of compound exercises, we are going to work rectus abdominis, anterior serratus, oblique and transverse, but also pectoralis major and pectoralis minor in order to achieve a proportionate and aesthetic result that is the ideal mix between volume, definition and symmetry.

But along the way, we will also be able to incorporate important health benefits since we are talking about a series of functional exercises that, in addition to reducing the risk of suffering from diseases or reinforcing mental health, will help us to enhance strength and improve mobility to make life easier for us in our daily lives.


9 exercises for chest and abs Push Up Jump In – 10 repetitions Heel Touch – 10 repetitions in total Push Up Kick Out – 5 repetitions each side Reverse Crunches – 10 repetitions Side to Side Push Ups – 10 repetitions Hip Up Crunches – 12 repetitions Running Push Ups – 8 reps (10 strides per rep) Flutter Kicks – 20 reps each leg Dive Bomber 10 reps

How to do the routine

Warm up before starting the workout 10 to 20 seconds rest between exercises 2 to 3 minutes rest between rounds 2 or 3 rounds

As if that were not enough, the proposed routine also allows us to burn a large amount of calories and consequently also fat, which should be the main objective of those who want to lose weight. Although obviously, this type of training also allows us to simply stay at a healthy weight, which in the end is vital to avoid metabolic problems that in turn can complicate and compromise our health. A little movement never hurts. A sedentary lifestyle is not in fashion.