90-year-old woman walks more than three miles after a snowstorm in Seattle to receive the COVID-19 vaccine

90-year-old Woman Walks More Than Three Miles After a Snowstorm In Seattle To Receive The COVID-19 Vaccine

Seattle, Washington – A severe winter storm that covered parts of Seattle in up to a foot of snow did not prevent a 90-year-old woman from attending her first appointment for the coronavirus vaccine, as she walked more than three miles each way. return distance.

But the walk was nothing, said Fran Goldman, 90, compared to the work she went through to get the appointment. “I was calling to get an appointment wherever I was, every morning, every afternoon, and several times I was online at night,” Goldman told The Seattle Times.

Finally, the woman said she received an appointment for Sunday morning, but on Friday and Saturday there was a severe winter storm in the region, covering the normally rainy streets of the city with snow.


Goldman said she put on woolen pants and a short-sleeved blouse so the nurse could easily administer the vaccine to her arm. Over her blouse she wore a zippered fleece jacket, a down coat and a raincoat.

Then he put on snow boots and ventured out onto the snowy streets, using hiking poles. “It was not easy, it was quite a challenge,” he told the newspaper. Goldman was just 5 minutes late for his appointment.

Her daughter Ruth Goldman, who lives in Buffalo, New York state, was not surprised by her mother’s actions. “We are people who like life outdoors,” he said.