91.5% Of EH Bildu’s Membership Supports The ‘yes’ To Sánchez’s Budgets

91.5% of the EH Bildu membership that has participated this Thursday in an extraordinary general assembly has supported the affirmative vote for the General State Budgets, as reported by the Abertzale coalition and collected by Europa Press. EH Bildu has held an extraordinary general assembly where the militancy has been able to decide on the positioning proposal made by the Table with reference to the General State Budgets.

The bases have had to answer the question: “Do you agree that the five deputies of EH Bildu in the Spanish Congress of Deputies vote affirmatively for the PGE of the PSOE-Podemos government?”. A total of 1,453 votes have been in favor of supporting the PGE (91.5% of the total votes cast), 89 votes have been against supporting the public accounts (5.6%) and there have been 46 blank votes (2 , 9%), for a total of 1,588 votes cast.


Coalition sources value “positively” the development of the assembly, which has taken place in a “climate of normalcy.” “The high turnout (1,588 votes cast) is a confirmation of the cohesion and unity of vision that currently exists in the sovereignist and leftist forces,” they explain. “The broad endorsement of the bases for the proposal reflects the will of our formation to be proactive agents, to seek alliances that have the objective of expanding and shielding the rights of being people and putting a brake on the rights and their retrograde policies,” they add.

EH Bildu has taken 48 million euros in amendments from the Government of Sánchez. Among them are amendments for the aeronautical sector, for railway infrastructures in the Basque Country and up to three million euros for the works of the N-121-A in Navarra. The Abertzale coalition has revolutionized the Spanish political scene by reaching agreements with both Sánchez and María Chivite, the president of Navarra. In this context, there has been a struggle with the PNV to show itself as the best negotiator with the central government. Each formation has described as “birrias” the achievements of the contrary in Madrid and the ‘jeltzales’ have come to accuse of “plagiarizing” the amendments.



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