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Kate Bennett is the only White House correspondent dedicated exclusively to cover Melania Trump and the family of the American president. Endorsed by the follow-up he has done to the hermetic first lady, the CNN journalist published this Tuesday the book Free, Melania: The Unauthorized Biography (Melania, libre: The unauthorized biography), a pun that alludes to Free Melania (Free Melania), a slogan that is read in the demonstrations in Washington. “I don't understand that of 'free Melania. Why wouldn't I be happy here? ”The Slovenian once told the reporter, according to the new title. The text fails to tear down the heavy walls that Melania has built around its privacy, but it does allow us to get a little closer to the behavior of the most private first lady in modern US history, such as the little close relationship she has with Ivanka Trump, the birth of her son Barron and constant communication with her husband.

Melania Trump is not a female trophy, according to the author. Bennett criticizes being underestimated in that way, when in fact he has a "powerful influence" on the president "both in political matters and in the way he manages his staff," writes the reporter in the book. With the workers of the White House, the first lady is "kind and warm", far from that hieratic image she projects. Once, when the journalist asked him why he was not smiling at the flashes, the first lady replied that it was not false. "I am not someone who smiles just because there is a camera in front." Another myth that tries to tear down is that the first lady, 49, has a distant relationship with the president. The author affirms that the couple speaks continuously by telephone, although she adds that in this way Melania has “frequent and stubborn discussions” with her husband.


Bennett also rejects the widespread idea that Melania did not want Trump to run for the presidential race, “on the contrary, he put a lot of pressure on him to do so. Partly because I knew I would win and do a good job. ” As already revealed in another book, the couple sleeps in different rooms. The exmodel occupies the bedroom that during the past Administration belonged to Marian Robinson, the mother of Michelle Obama. It also has a "glamor room", where you comb and make up, and a private gym with a pilates machine.

One of the most juicy episodes of the book reveals that Melania does not rule out that Roger Stone, Trump's former advisor, was the one who leaked the photos where he appeared modeling New York Post naked during the campaign. "Melania has not commented on how she thinks the cover of the sensationalist newspaper put her hands on the photos, but her friends say she still refuses to believe that Trump would have done that to her. As for Stone, they say she is not so sure." Bennett immediately opens space to the theories that circulate, a common exercise on the 264 pages: "Trump was trying to avoid a bad week in the campaign." The scandal of the photographs occurred days after the Republican attacked the Muslim family of a soldier who fell in Iraq.

Another theory of Bennett has to do with one of the most viralized episodes of Melania in the Trump era. When the president managed to enrage even his own party members for the zero-tolerance anti-immigrant policy, the first lady traveled by surprise to McAllen, Texas, to visit a children's shelter, some of them separated from their parents. But the focus was on Zara's raincoat she was wearing, rather than her action. The jacket, from Ivanka's favorite low-cost brand, was printed on the back: "I really don't care, do you?" The ex-model said in an interview with ABC that it was a message for the leftist media that criticized her. But the CNN reporter has another impression. "He believed, and I still believe, that the jacket was an ingenious thrust for Ivanka (Trump, daughter and advisor of the White House) and his almost constant attempts to adhere to the positive issues of the Administration" and remain silent when his father does somewhat controversial. According to Bennett, the relationship between the two women closest to Trump is "cordial, but not close."

Also related to clothing, and with her personal theories, the author believes that when the marriage is angry, Melania puts on “men's clothing” because Trump likes to see women wearing “tight, short and super-feminine dresses.” "After having covered it so long, (I can say that) everything he does makes sense, even the clothes he wears."

The author did not want to include Barron Trump, the son in common between Melania and the president, because she does not believe that being born in the cradle of a public marriage is a reason to subject a child to public scrutiny. It does make some mentions with the aim of revealing details of the Melania mother or the president as a couple or father. Like when 20 minutes after Barron was born, Trump was already telling the news via telephone on the Imus in the Morning radio show or when Andrea Peyser of the New York Post told him in an interview with the ex-model how fast had lost the weight of pregnancy, Trump corrected her by telling her that she had lost "almost" all the weight. Three months after giving birth Melania became a US citizen.



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