A Boca Player Gives His Support To Donald Trump And The Fans Explode In The Networks

January 9, 2020 12:39 AM

A Boca player "liked" Trump's post about the murder of Soleimani and the fans exploded.

The world was moved in recent days by the escalation of tension between the United States and Iran. The assassination of an important Iranian general led to reprisals by the Islamic Republic and the consequent reaction of the American country. The great protagonist of the film is the American president, Donald Trump, who always generates love and hate. Many expressed their support for Trump. And among them, strikingly, a Boca player.


After the assassination of General Qassem Soleimani, the main man of Iran in his foreign military policy, Donald Trump turned to social networks, as he usually does, to make a political demonstration. The president of the United States simply published a photo of the American flag as a sign of triumph. And a Boca player liked the post.

On Instagram, millions of people approved Trump's post with a "like." And one of them was Junior Alonso, the Paraguayan defender who arrived in Boca a season ago and has alternated in the team without ever being able to gain ownership. Alonso's "like" was picked up by a Boca Twitter account and generated comments of all kinds among fans.

“They can bomb all of America, but La Boca is saved by the great Junior Alonso. Give him the captain tape tomorrow, ”one of the users wrote wryly in response to the tweet with Alonso's“ like ”. The majority took it as a joke, although some did not find it so funny. "We have the most unusual squad on Earth," said a fan resigned.

Alonso arrived in Boca in early 2019 and was noted for his fierceness at the time of the brand, but never reached a constant level to gain ownership. In the networks, the Paraguayan is characterized by replicating contents of conservative dye in the political, as expressions against the legalization of abortion, and liberalism in economic matters.



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