A Colombian Judge Favored Donald Trump In An Investigation Into Secret Documents

A Colombian Judge Favored Donald Trump In An Investigation Into Secret Documents

Former President Donald Trump It has been in the news in recent days after his mansion was raided and documents were discovered there by the FBI, but the former president’s lawyers, at his own request, requested that an independent expert analyze the documents found.

Lawyers for the Government of the United States consider that the designation of an independent expert could threaten national security as it is classified information, however, a federal judge granted the request of the attorneys of the tycoon and former president, and the information will be reviewed by an independent expert.

The federal judge who authorized the request has to do with Colombia, and specifically with the city of Cali, because she is from the capital of Valle del Cauca and her name is Aileen Cannonwho is the center of controversy in the United States because it is claimed that with his decision he favored donald trump and delay the Department of Justice’s investigation into the handling of classified materials.


The raid on Donald Trump’s mansion in Mar-a-Lago in the state of Florida was carried out on August 8 with the intention of finding alleged documents and files illegally by the former New York president.

A federal judge in Florida, at the request of the Attorney General, ordered the publication of the search warrant by the FBI, as well as photographs documenting said search operation, classified by Donald Trump and his lawyers as illegal and undemocratic.

“Now that the FBI and the Department of Justice have been caught in a massive and determining election scam, are the results of the 2020 presidential election going to change? They should do it!” Donald Trump stated on his twitter account.

Donald Trump considered the raid against his Florida mansion as one of the “most heinous attacks in the history of democracy”, but the actions of Judge Aileen Cannon have been criticized by various personalities related to justice, as is the case with William Barr, former US Attorney General, who told Fox News that Cannon’s decision “was wrong on several counts.”

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Judge Cannon’s decision was appealed by the Department of Justice, since it does not currently allow the documents found to be used against former President Trump, but they can be considered for “classification purposes and national security evaluations.”

Aileen Cannon is from Cali, the daughter of a Cuban mother, and was appointed by Donald Trump himself when he was president. Cannon is the most senior judge in the Southern District of Florida and this is considered the biggest ruling of her career.



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