A Community Center Shooting Leaves One Dead In Missouri

Maryland Heights – A police officer shot and wounded an armed man who entered a community center in St. Louis and began shooting, killing a woman, authorities in Missouri reported.

The agent was in the parking lot when he heard shots at about 8:15 p.m. Monday, Maryland Heights police chief Bill Carson said.

He added that when a woman came out telling him that someone was shooting, he ran in and faced the subject.


The aggressor was shot several times. The officer was unharmed.

“I think the action of our police officer was heroic. He immediately entered the community center and confronted the armed subject,” Carson said.

He added that the aggressor was being treated at the hospital, but had no details about his condition.

The police did not disclose the names of the aggressor or the woman who died. Carson said he doesn’t know what the reason for the attack was.

He said that the policeman was in uniform and that he was in the community center, where there is a police station, filling out a police report.

Police are examining surveillance videos of the event and questioning witnesses.

The community center is closed until further notice.