A Convention Auction a Deer Hunting Trip With Donald Trump Jr

A week of “dream hunting” with Donald Trump Jr, the son of the president of the United States, will be the main auction of an annual event that will be held in the state of Nevada.

Attendees of the “Sky of the Hunters”, organized by Safari Club Intertnational, will compete to gain access to a yacht expedition through Alaska with the oldest son of the US president and a series of hunts in places classified as exotic, British newspaper The reported Guardian. The trip will last a week and will aim to hunt a species of black-tailed deer.

Thousands of hunters from around the world are expected to attend the convention that begins on Wednesday, where Trump Jr, an avid hunter of “trophy animals,” will give an opening address.


“This year we will introduce Donald Trump Jr, a man who needs no introduction, and whose passion for the outdoors makes him the number one ambassador of our way of life. Don Jr. shares this heritage with his son and believes in transmitting these lessons to the young hunters, ”explains the auction announcement.

The hunt will be part of a new series called “The Heritage Hunt” launched by Trump Jr. and McCarthy and claims to be “designed to bring young / new hunters to the field and experience the essence of what we love”.

The president’s son has extensively documented his activity, criticized by many. Weeks ago, ProPublica revealed that last year he killed a rare species of sheep in danger of extinction during a hunting trip to Mongolia, a fact that caused a stir and generated repudiation of environmental organizations.

Currently, the first bid for hunting is USD $ 12,500, although it is expected to increase substantially when the live auction begins on February 8.

Regulations on the importation of hunting trophies have been relaxed during the term of Donald Trump. In 2018, the administration facilitated the importation of trophies of exotic big game animals such as elephants and lions, despite the fact that Donald Trump has described the practice as a “horror show.”



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