A crash of more than 100 vehicles leaves three dead in Wyoming

A Crash Of More Than 100 Vehicles Leaves Three Dead In Wyoming

Wyoming – At least three people were killed and dozens were injured in a crash of more than 100 vehicles during a snowfall that forced a section of Interstate 80 in Wyoming to close, authorities said Monday.

The accident and another multiple crash of about 40 vehicles a short distance from the site and at about the same time occurred on Sunday during a snowstorm about 180 miles west of Cheyenne.

About 30 people were taken to the emergency room of the Carbon County Memorial Hospital in the small town of Rawlins, Stephanie Hinkle, a hospital spokesman, told Casper Star-Tribune.


Authorities at the 25-bed hospital anticipated the arrival of more wounded on Monday. They requested three additional doctors and installed a temporary patient reception area in a cafeteria.

In the minor accident, on Interstate 80 and just 4 miles from the major crash, seven people were injured, including one who was hospitalized in serious condition, said Jason Mower, spokesman for Sweetwater County Police Headquarters.

A 200-mile stretch of Interstate 80 westbound from Laramie to Rock Springs was closed on Monday, and Wyoming Department of Transportation officials said traffic is not expected to resume before Tuesday morning.

Forecasters forecast snowfall with winds of up to 50 mph that will continue to affect traffic through Tuesday.