A Crew Member Of The Army Hospital Ship Has COVID-19

New York – A crew member from the Navy hospital ship sent to New York to help fight the pandemic has tested positive for COVID-19.

The crew of the USNS Comfort ship, which tested positive Monday, was in isolation, the navy said in a statement. He added that this will not affect the mission of the 1,000-bed hospital ship.

The Comfort has treated about 40 non-COVID-19 sufferers since arriving in the city last week, drawing criticism that it has recently done so to help overwhelmed hospitals in the area.


President Donald Trump said Monday that he agreed to let the ship take COVID-19 sufferers after speaking with Governor Andrew Cuomo. Federal officials said there will be emergency patients on the ship, whether or not they have the virus, although it can only isolate a small number of patients.

New York records more than 3,400 coronavirus deaths on Tuesday.

The latest figures for the entire country, according to Johns Hopkins University, were over 368,000 infected and nearly 11,000 dead. Globally, there were about 1.36 million people infected and almost 76,000 dead.



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