A Dead Man At a Bullfighting Festival In Spain

MADRID (AP) – A man bled to death after being gored in the leg at a bullfighting festival in Spain, authorities said.

The man, a 55-year-old Spaniard, bled to death when he was gored in the leg by the bull in the event that the animals ran through the streets.


The event occurred on Saturday in the town of Onda in Castellón, a province in eastern Spain. The municipality announced in a bulletin that it will suspend the events for Sunday.

The Levante news website reported that the man was taken to hospital, but doctors were unable to save him.

It is the first death reported since the bullfighting festival returned after the pause forced by the pandemic. Despite the occasional deaths and injuries, and despite complaints from animal rights groups, racing with bulls or cows continues to be popular in Spain.

Two other people were injured at a similar festival in another town, Levante reported.

The best known of these events are the Sanfermines de Pamplona, ​​which before the pandemic was celebrated every year and in which, for eight days, people run alongside the bulls through the narrow cobbled streets. The next event there is anticipated to be in July 2022, after two years on hiatus.