A Documentary Produced By Natalie Wood’s Daughter Investigates The Tragedy

Just two years ago, the investigation around Natalie Wood’s suspicious death declared her husband, Robert Wagner, “person of interest” in the case. The Oscar-nominated actress on three occasions had a whole career ahead when she died at 43 years drowned, on the high seas, in circumstances that still raise the eyebrow of more than one. His death remains one of the greatest mysteries in the world of cinema and that is why, knowing that a documentary produced by his daughter has just premiered, it caught my attention right away. Natalie Wood: what remains behind is a documentary that we will see in the next months on HBO, and that went through the Sundance Festival without leaving critics indifferent. Directed by Laurent Bouzereau, the actress’s daughter acts as a producer and presenter, performing each of the interviews that appear in the footage. Natasha Gregson Wagner is 49 years old, six more than her mother had when she died, she is the mother of a girl and decided to make this documentary to change the message of her duel. And Natalie Wood would have a promising career with classics like Rebel Without a Cause (1955) and West Side Story (1961), adding 40 years in the industry (began with just 4 years old), but her death clouded much of her legacy, dying his name gray until he left aside his powerful filmography. Natalie Wood lost her life when she sailed at night in the waters of Santa Catalina Island, in California. On the yacht were her husband Robert Wagner (after remarrying him after an initial divorce) and Christopher Walken, with whom Natalie was shooting the movie Project Brainstorm (1983, which director Douglas Trumbull managed to finish without her). The body was found at 8 a.m. a mile from the ship, next to an inflatable boat. He had bruises and an abrasion on his left cheek, and despite the traces of alcohol, dizziness pills and an analgesic, the judge declared that his death had been an accident. But suspicions, influenced by the tabloids of the time, always surrounded history. Police reopened the case after another book re-sowed doubt when writer Marti Rully framed Robert Wagner in the death of the actress, due to the testimony of the yacht captain, Dennis Davern, who changed his confession by sentencing the actor He had argued with his wife that night and was involved in his death. A detail that, added to the marks on Natalie’s body, changed the perspective of the case. According to the opinion of media such as the Los Angeles Times, we are facing a “deeply emotional” documentary that aims to remind us of Natalie Wood’s vital spirit and tenacity professional who led her to win three Oscar nominations before the age of 25, beyond the mysteries surrounding her death. However, they couldn’t make a documentary about her without going into that fateful day when she disappeared while her husband and her filming partner slept. “He was a cheerful person and had a wonderful life. She was very much alive and she was having a great time, ”her daughter told LA Times when she talked about what she remembers about her mother. “But due to the circumstances of his death the narrative has turned towards the tragic. That is not the mother I met. ” And after experiencing maternal love in his own flesh, he accepted the challenge of investigating the painful trunk of memories, searching for his mother’s memorabilia since his death when he was only 11 years old, while interviewing many of his friends like Robert Redford, Mia Farrow and Elliott Gould, among others. “Every time I did an interview, everyone was very present, very excited. It was almost like a confession, ”he recalls. “I felt that people wanted to talk.” And one of those who spoke for the cameras was his father, producer and screenwriter Richard Gregson, before he died last August. And also Robert Wagner himself who, near the age of 90 on February 10 (he was 88 at the time of filming), still has his name attached to the case. Natasha confesses that interviewing him was the most difficult part of the project because it was always very “protective” of him. “He and my mother were my model of relationship, love, intimacy and connection, and that the press made accusations, making things seem like they were not, it was painful for me” sentence making it clear that she does not believe that her stepfather is involved at the death of his mother. Read moreIn the beginning, Natasha’s stepfather did not want to appear in the documentary because of the controversy that always surrounded Natalie’s case. His name has been spun on suspicion since November 29, 1981, returning to the lampstand in 2018 when the investigators of the case indicated him as a “person of interest” for confirming that “he was the last person who was with Natalie before he disappeared” , as Lt. John Corina told CBS News at the time, but he did. On the second day of filming with him, they managed to go deeper. “He was so honest, elegant and hurt … he even congratulated Christopher Walken,” he said. And it is that the daughter also tried to interview the actor, who did not want to accept the offer. Apparently, Wagner speaks with Natalie’s affection, maintaining that he went to bed early and when she got up, she was no longer on the yacht. He admits that they discussed last night, and that the discussion with Walken was a difference of opinion on whether Wood should work harder or not. Anyway, the discussion did end with Wagner breaking a bottle of wine against a table. The documentary does not interview the captain of the ship whose testimony reopened the case, supposedly leaving the mystery still in the air.According to Variety’s criticism, the documentary shows the most personal side of the actress with images never seen and homemade family films that reflect His charisma It also includes revelations as a possible suicide attempt when he was in the transition of his two marriages in 1965. However, the documentary would not reveal the mystery around his death as it was not a “definitive investigation” or “a chronicle” of what happened. “The presentation of the tragedy in the film is perfectly simple (and not necessarily incorrect), but it leaves you with the same persistent questions that have pursued this case forever” reveals the publication. Natalie left a legacy full of movies and series after having become the family’s livelihood at age 12. He stole the heart of generations like the eternal Susan Walker of the Christmas classic De Illusión also lives (1947) and at 16 she was already nominated for an Oscar for her film with James Dean. He was the girlfriend of Elvis Presley himself and partner of Warren Beatty, Steve McQueen, Tony Curtis and Robert Redford, forming infallible pairs that many still remember as some of the couples with more chemistry in the cinema. His presence on the screen was unique, a true whirlwind that never left us indifferent. Of those actresses to remember beyond their tragedy, even through a documentary. More stories that may interest you: