A Federal Judge Resigns In Kansas For Sexual Harassment

Kansas City, Kansas – A federal judge in Kansas who received a public reprimand for sexually harassing several employees and maintaining an extramarital relationship with a criminal filed his resignation, noting that he can no longer carry out his task effectively.

Federal judge Carlos MurguĂ­a, based in Kansas City, said in his letter that his resignation will be effective as of April 1.

“In recent months it has been clear that I can no longer carry out my duties in court,” MurguĂ­a wrote. “Therefore, I present my resignation with a heavy heart and deep apologies, out of respect for the federal judicial system, my colleagues, my community and – most importantly – my family.”


The Judicial Council of the Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit reprimanded him for making sexually suggestive observations and sending inappropriate texts to employees, in addition to maintaining “excessive contact, not related to work,” with them.

Reprimand is the most serious sanction the council can apply, says the order.

The council order says the judge was vulnerable to extortion by maintaining a long extramarital relationship with a habitual drug user who was on probation but then returned to jail.

He also rebuked MurguĂ­a for being regularly late to court proceedings and meetings.

The judge said he will remain in office until April 1 to assist in the delivery of his administrative and judicial responsibilities.