A Fern Is The First Plant In The World To Take a Selfi (PHOTO)

The London Zoo (United Kingdom) on Tuesday presented a fern, called Pete, which has become the first plant in the world to take a selfie. Through a specially designed camera, the scientists managed to get the copy of the botanical section to take their own picture.

"Pete has exceeded our expectations and is currently taking a picture every 20 seconds," said zoo conservation technology specialist Al Davies. The objective of the experiment is to use plants to trigger trap cameras and sensors in the wild.

Thanks to this mechanism, scientists plan to monitor inhospitable and remote locations of the rainforest to record key data such as temperature, humidity and plant growth. In addition, the data collected will allow us to understand threats such as climate change and habitat loss for different species.


This solution works with a very low power technology, created by the American artificial intelligence company Xnor.ai, and operates 24 hours a day. Due to the low power consumption, the mechanism can be powered by a small plant.

"Most energy sources have limits: batteries must be replaced while solar panels depend on a source of sunlight, but plants can survive in the shade, moving naturally to their position to maximize the potential for light absorption solar, which means that the energy potential fed by plants is virtually unlimited, "added Davies