A Flight Attendant Alleges That Two Pilots Placed a Hidden Camera In a Bathroom Of a Southwest Plane

Phoenix – A lawsuit filed against Southwest Airlines by a crew member alleges that the pilots of a flight made in 2017 were watching a video broadcast live on an iPad from a hidden camera in the bathroom of one of the aircraft of the airline.

Southwest responded on Saturday and denied that it had placed cameras in aircraft toilets and noted that the 2017 incident was an "inappropriate attempt at humor" that is not tolerated by the company.

The complaint alleges that the hostess Renee Steinaker saw a video on an iPad that was transmitted from the bathroom of the bow of the plane when she entered the cabin to be the second person required there when the pilot left to use the toilet approximately two and a half hours After taking off on a flight on February 27, 2017, from Phoenix to Pittsburgh.


Steinaker saw the pilot in the video and the co-pilot with “an expression of panic on his face” acknowledged that the video on the iPad was recorded with a camera hidden in the bathroom, but told him it was a “new security measure that was confidential and that it had been installed on all Southwest Boeing 737-800 aircraft, ”according to the lawsuit.

The flight attendant took a picture of the video, which she provided in a report to the Southwest administration and a supervisor warned her not to tell anyone about the incident, the lawsuit said.

According to the complaint, Steinaker was warned: "If this is made public, if this was made public, nobody, I mean nobody, would fly again in our airline."

The two pilots have denied the accusations and Southwest issued a statement on Saturday in which it refused to place cameras in the toilets of its planes.