A Group Of Constituents Interrupts The Inaugural Act Of The New Constitution Of Chile

The 155 leaders who will draft the new Constitution of Chile have met this Sunday for the first time since they were elected to begin the drafting of the new fundamental law in an inaugural session held in the old National Congress of the capital. At this appointment, the body, composed of equal form – something unprecedented in the world – and with 17 representatives of indigenous peoples, will elect its president and, from there, will have up to one year to draft the new text, which will replace the current, inherited from the dictatorship of Augusto Pinochet (1973-1990).

The event has been momentarily paused due to the irruption of a group of constituents in the inaugural act of the new Chilean Constitution: “We want to have a democracy party and not a problem, we are going to suspend the session for a few minutes,” he said. the Rapporteur of the Election Qualifying Tribunal, Carmen Gloria Valladares.


“No more repression,” chanted the constituents while the hymn sounded at the beginning of the ceremony, which marks the trigger for the drafting of the new Constitution, as a show of support for hundreds of people who were demonstrating outside the old National Congress, where the convention will take place.

Finally, the act has continued almost an hour after its interruption: “We resumed the session, in accordance with the supreme decree. This is the first session in which the constitutional convention in charge of drafting a new Constitution for Chile is installed,” Valladares affirmed .

This constituent process was born in 2019 as an agreement between the political parties to try to reduce the greatest social crisis in three decades of democracy in Chile, which broke out in October of that year with massive marches for a fairer socioeconomic model and which left at least about thirty deaths and thousands of injured.



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