A Judge Prohibits Supporters Of Donald Trump From Building a Wall In Texas

Houston – A local judge in South Texas ordered a group of supporters of President Donald Trump not to build a private border wall on land near the Rio Grande as planned.

Judge Keno Vásquez issued a temporary ban on Tuesday against the We Build the Wall group, which raised $ 25 million with the promise of building a private wall. Vasquez called an audience on December 17 at We Build the Wall and its founder, Brian Kolfage, in Edinburg, Texas.

We Build the Wall announced on Facebook last month that construction began on private land on the banks of the Rio Grande, which serves as a border between the United States and Mexico. He posted videos in which a construction foreman described plans to install columns a short distance from the shore.


The NGO National Butterfly Center immediately presented the appeal that resulted in the court order. Opponents of the wall say that a private construction would aggravate erosion or divert flood waters to other properties in a storm.

The plans called the attention of the International Borders and Water Commission, a binational agency under a treaty that forces the two countries to cooperate in any change on one shore that affects the other.

The commission has requested reports from We Build the Wall and Fisher Industries, its construction partner. Kolfage has said that construction will only begin when approved by the commission.

The Mariposa center and the EarthJustice environmental group said in a statement Wednesday that the construction of the private wall was "illegal."

"The incredible biodiversity that exists here, supported and accentuated by 17 years of work and million-dollar investments, is indispensable for the health of a fragile but vital ecosystem and requires protection against this illegal incursion," said Dr. Jeffrey Glassberg, president of the Association North American Butterfly.

Kolfage did not respond to a request for statements.



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