A Judge Temporarily Halts a Trump Measure To Ban The Entry Of Migrants Without Medical Insurance | Univision Immigration News

A federal judge in Portland, Oregon, temporarily halted a measure by President Donald Trump that demanded that migrants have health insurance or be able to pay their health expenses in order to obtain a visa to enter the United States.

With this last-minute decision, District Judge Michael Simon blocked the rule just hours before it began to take effect on Sunday, November 3. It is not yet clear when the judge will specify the merits of his decision.

This Saturday's resolution is the response to a federal lawsuit of seven citizens and a nonprofit organization before this Oregon court. In their claim, they claimed that the measure could block legal entry into the country about two thirds of those who come with documents. They also argued that the rule could exponentially reduce or eliminate those who seek to enter through family or work petitions and that, after all, a part of the law was changed without the consent of Congress.


"We are very grateful that the court recognized the need to immediately block that prohibition on a health care issue," Esther Sung, a litigator for the Justice Action Center, told AP. "That ban would separate families."

The White House had announced the measure at the beginning of October, and established that immigrants would not be allowed to enter the country unless they had coverage for medical expenses within 30 days of their entry or if they had enough money to "pay reasonably foreseeable medical costs."

The measure was to be implemented because, said the White House, health care providers and taxpayers "bear substantial costs in paying medical expenses incurred by people who lack medical insurance or do not have the ability to pay for medical attention. "

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