A Labor MP Is Expelled From The British Parliament For Saying Boris Johnson Has Lied During The Pandemic

British Labor MP Dawn Butler was expelled from the House of Commons on Thursday after refusing to withdraw a statement made minutes before in which he accused Prime Minister Boris Johnson of lying during the pandemic and called the government “corrupt”, “authoritarian” and “racist”.

“Poor people in our country have paid with their lives because the prime minister has spent the last 18 months deceiving this House and the country over and over again,” Butler said. “I am disappointed that the prime minister did not come to the House to correct his record and the fact that he has continuously lied to Parliament and the country.”


After her intervention, the president of the chamber, Judith Cummins, said: “I am sure that the deputy will reconsider the words she is saying and perhaps withdraw them.” Butler not only has not removed them, but has added that “it’s funny that you get in trouble on this site for pointing out the lie rather than the person who is lying.”

The president of Parliament has asked the deputy for the second time to withdraw her words, to which Butler replied: “I have reflected and someone has to tell the truth in this chamber that the prime minister has lied.”

“I order the deputy to immediately withdraw from the Chamber for the remainder of the session,” Cummins concluded



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