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A Latino From New York Leaves The Hospital After Six Months Convalescing With COVID-19

New York – New Yorker James Colón has reason enough this year to celebrate Thanksgiving: he survived COVID-19 after just over six months battling the pandemic in a hospital.

“My kidneys failed, the liver was failing, my heart was swollen, my lungs due to the coronavirus gave way to pneumonia,” he told ABC on leaving the hospital.

Colón said he was “very grateful” for being with his family again, after the hard road he faced, ABC also points out this Saturday.

Upon leaving the hospital, to the applause of the Mount Sinai health personnel who carried signs that read “hero” and “survivor”, among others, the man thanked them for his recovery.

“They have all been a blessing,” said Colón, also accompanied by his niece Veronica Britez-Ward, who feared that her uncle would not be able to survive during the 195 days that he battled COVID-19.

Colon was put on a ventilator and for months his health faced ups and downs. His rehab team and family stayed by his side.

Britez-Ward told ABC that at one point they believed they would have to make the decision “to let him go in peace.”

“He was always a highly motivated person, he wanted to do more all the time,” said Dr. Yamilette Burgos.

It was that determination that led Colón to defeat a pandemic that has already cost the lives of 254,297 people in this country and now he is preparing to celebrate Thanksgiving with his family.

“I’m going to be very grateful this Thanksgiving,” he stated.


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