A Long-awaited Vote In The Lower House And New Testimonies: The Summary Of The Week Of Trump's Impeachment Process | Univision Politics News

President Donald Trump and his Republican allies have questioned the impeachment investigation carried out by the House of Representatives for allegedly illegitimate. For this they have demanded, among other things, a vote in plenary. This week a vote was finally held to regulate the next phase of the process, but it was approved only by the Democratic majority and with the total opposition of the Republicans.

The political trial investigation of the president began on September 24 after an anonymous whistleblower alerted a call between Trump and his Ukrainian counterpart, President Volodymyr Zelensky, in which the American would have pressured him to investigate Joe Biden , his possible political opponent in the 2020 elections. To that end, Trump would have withheld military aid for Ukraine that had been approved by Congress.

This is a summary of this week in which the vote was taken to formalize procedures, a decorated lieutenant colonel was attacked by the president's defenders and Trump asked to print shirts that read "read the transcript", referring to the memo that the White House published on that controversial call of July 25.


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