“a Lot Of Pain”: Millie Bobby Brown Shocks Fans Of “stranger Things” Abandon Everything?

“A Lot Of Pain”: Millie Bobby Brown Shocks Fans Of “Stranger Things” Abandon Everything?

Millie Bobby Brown is one of the stars of the moment and that reached its full popularity thanks to the teenage public that values ​​all his talent.

Although we have seen her act for several years now, the truth is that the star of Stranger Things He just turned 16. But not only does she appear older because of her exterior, but also because of her mature way of behaving and giving opinions. Related NewsMillions of people in the world follow her and see her Millie Bobby Brown a reference, especially those younger. That is why the consecrated actress takes her role in society very seriously and preaches with wisdom despite her young age.

Much has been said about the protagonist of one of the most watched series on Netflix. If her look was not according to her age, if her parents exploited her economically or if the world in which she moved was too adult for a little girl. That is why this time he decided to give a clear message about it.To celebrate his 16th birthday, Brown wanted to tell his fans how he felt during all these years of fame and exposure, and when everything indicated that he was trying to get away, for peace of mind Stranger Things fans, in the end said he does not plan to lower his arms.


“Yes, girls, 16 🙂 It seems that the 16 have taken a long time to arrive. I feel that there should be a change, not only for our generation, but also for the next one, ”the celebrity began. “Our world needs kindness and that we support each other so that children grow and prosper,” he added.

“The last few years have not been easy. I admit that there were times when I felt frustrated reading those comments that were not true and were also inappropriate; insults have become pain and insecurity. But I will not give up. I will continue doing what I love and transmitting this message so that things change. Let’s focus on what we need to change. I hope this video informs you of the things that actually happen, behind the headlines and the spotlights. Don’t worry, I will always find a way to smile. Come on 16, ”Brown wrote.



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