A man finds a caiman over seven feet in the garage of his home in Florida

A Man Finds a Caiman Over Seven Feet In The Garage Of His Home In Florida

A man residing in North Port, on the west coast of Florida, found himself in the garage of his house with a dangerous intruder, an alligator seven feet long (2.1 meters).

Once recovered from the scare, the man notified the North Port police, who went to the residence and took care of the reptile.

“We have returned the confused Alligator mississippiensis to the channel it came from,” says the message from the North Port Police Department that accompanies the photos of the alligator next to the garage owner’s car and surrounded by junk.


Alligators and Florida crocodiles are protected animals, against which action can only be taken when there is imminent risk to human life.

Florida has a population of about 1.3 million alligators, thanks to a successful program that decades ago managed to get them out of danger of extinction.

In 2018, the agency responsible for wildlife conservation in Florida launched a free telephone line to answer calls related to dangerous situations created by alligators.

That same year, Shizuka Matsuki, a 47-year-old woman, was walking with her dogs near a lake in a park in Davie (southern state) when an alligator caught her and dragged her along. His body was found hours later in the lake.

In June 2016, at a hotel in Orlando (central Florida), a two-year-old boy who was playing at the edge of a lagoon was caught by an alligator who took him without his parents being able to do anything to prevent it and went found dead two days later.

According to an FWC brochure on the interaction between humans and alligators, since 1948 there are more than 20 documented cases of death of people due to attacks by these reptiles in Florida.