A Man Kills 16 People In a Shooting In Eastern Canada And Is Shot By The Police

At least 16 people, including a police officer, have been killed in a shooting in a rural community in eastern Canada. The person responsible has also died, shot down by the Police. It has become the bloodiest shooting in the country’s history.


During a press conference, the Superintendent of the Mounted Police in the province of Nova Scotia, Chris Leather, reported that the incident began on Saturday night in the town of Portapique, about 1,250 kilometers northeast of Toronto.

The Police received information of shots fired at a house in the town. Officers who answered the call found a “chaotic scene” with “numerous victims,” ​​but not the author of the shooting.

Throughout the night of Saturday and Sunday morning, the police pursued the alleged perpetrator of the massacre while various witnesses reported fires in facilities and vehicles.

The authorities asked the inhabitants of the area to remain locked in their homes due to the presence of a “shooter”, although without reporting that he had caused multiple fatalities.

The Mounted Police have explained that the deceased officer is Heidi Stevenson, who had belonged to that institution for 23 years, and has revealed that the suspect in the massacre, identified as Gabriel Wortman, a 51-year-old dental technician, also died.

Mounted Police Commander Lee Bergman stated that Agent Stevenson “answered the call of duty and lost his life while protecting those he served.” In addition to Stevenson, another police officer, whose identity has not been released, was wounded and is recovering in a hospital.

The Police have not identified the rest of the fatalities or indicated the possible reasons for the killing or the relationship of the deceased with the alleged perpetrator.

Initially, the police indicated that Wortman had been captured by the agents, but it was later learned that the alleged perpetrator of the shots was shot in the town of Enfield, about 100 kilometers south of Portapique.

Local media reported that Wortman traveled in a vehicle similar to those used by the RCMP and even wore a uniform similar to that of the police force.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has regretted what happened. “I am saddened by the news of this senseless act of violence in Nova Scotia that has cost several people their lives, including a Canadian Mounted Police officer,” Trudeau said in his message.



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