A man ran over demonstrators in Iowa who were protesting against the federal Supreme Court ruling on abortion

A Man Ran Over Demonstrators In Iowa Who Were Protesting Against The Federal Supreme Court Ruling On Abortion

A man apparently purposefully ran over a group of people demonstrating against the US Supreme Court decision that struck down the constitutional right to abortion in an incident reported in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Agencia EFE highlighted that two people were injured after the driver of a van, who has not been identified, became impatient while waiting at an intersection for protesters to cross the street. Cedar Rapids Mayor Tiffany O’Donnell said in written statements that police are investigating the incident.

For their part, people told the HuffPost portal that the driver of the Ford pickup ignored pedestrians who raised their hands to signal him to stop and ran over them. All the people that the man ran over were women, the news portal highlighted.


People who spoke to the portal explained that the driver, a man, was waiting at the intersection behind at least two other vehicles and became impatient at the number of people crossing the street. For unknown reasons, the driver accelerated and passed multiple vehicles to cross the intersection; in the process, he ran over several of the people crossing the street with his truck.

A video released by a Linn County official shows several women placing their hands on the hood of the truck in a signal for the driver to stop, but the man accelerated again, ran over them and continued on his way.

Although, at the moment, the police have not indicated if they arrested the man, or the reason why he ran over the protesters, the witnesses interviewed by HuffPost maintain that the incident was motivated by the protests that have been generated in repudiation of the decision of the US Supreme Court to overturn a 1973 decision that held that the US Constitution generally protected a woman’s freedom to undergo an abortion procedure.

I keep seeing local reports framing this story as an “altercation” and that’s a huge failure of local media. It’s telling when the best write up on the story that gives full context and interviews a victim is from a national outlet. https://t.co/ozsAilVFAo

— Lyz Lenz (@lyzl) June 25, 2022

Agencia EFE reported on another incident that occurred during a protest in Phoenix, Arizona, where the police dispersed a demonstration with tear gas grenades that was organized in front of the legislature because they were hitting the windows of the building with force. This action apparently caused the cancellation of the legislative session.

Thousands of people took to the streets in dozens of cities across the United States to protest the Supreme Court ruling. One of the most massive protests was that of the United States capital, where hundreds of people gathered for hours in front of the Supreme Court shouting “My body, my decision!” or “Let’s abort the Court!”.

Similar slogans were heard in up to 70 locations in the United States, according to the CNN network count.

Some had been organized for Friday night by groups like Planned Parenthood, the organization that runs the largest network of reproductive health clinics in the United States; but others emerged spontaneously with women coming together to raise their voices.

The protests were especially numerous in the main cities of the United States, such as New York, where thousands of people gathered in Washington Square Park, a central square that traditionally hosts political rallies and demonstrations.

In Los Angeles, protesters blocked downtown traffic, while in Philadelphia thousands gathered in front of the iconic City Hall and in Austin, Texas, there was a protest outside the federal courthouse.

Hundreds more people took to the streets in Atlanta in two separate demonstrations that came together at the foot of the statehouse.



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