A Man Wins $ 200,000 In The Lottery On His Way To His Last Chemotherapy Treatment | Univision 40 Raleigh WUVC

Ronnie Foster, a retired worker from the North Carolina Department of Transportation, who was holding his last chemotherapy session to fight acute colon cancer, decided to play a scratchy way to the hospital without knowing that his life would change forever.

Foster resident of Pink Hill, North Carolina, bought a $ 1 ticket and won $ 5 dollars, which he decided to spend on new lottery tickets.

"I saw all those zeros and I froze," Foster told the lottery. "I didn't believe it until I handed it to the desk clerk to scan. When he showed me: 'Go to the lottery headquarters,' I began to shake. I couldn't believe it."


When claiming his prize of $ 200,000 dollars Foster said that part of the money would be to pay some of the high costs of his treatment and the rest for the future.

"I was already happy because it was my last round of chemotherapy," said Foster.

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