"A Martian Jazz Ensemble?": NASA Detects "peculiar Sounds" On Mars (AUDIO)

Since it landed on the red planet, in November last year, the InSight probe has detected more than 100 events, of which about 20 are considered earthquakes.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA, for its acronym in English) has captured – thanks to the seismograph of its InSight probe – a series of "peculiar sounds" on Mars, as seen in an audio recording published on Tuesday .

The sounds correspond to tremors and other noises recorded on the red planet, which have been modified

so that they can be heard by the human ear, detailed the US space agency.


The aforementioned seismograph is capable of recording sound waves such as those produced by gusts of wind or even by the movements of the robotic arm of the probe and other mechanical tools. "How does it sound to you? (…) Like a Martian jazz ensemble?" NASA asked its readers.

Since InSight landed on Mars, in November last year, it has detected more than 100 events, of which 21 are considered earthquakes.

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