A Panel Will Hold Donald Trump’s Collaborator In Contempt For The Assault On The Capitol | U.S

The commission of the House of Representatives of the United States that investigates the assault of the past January 6 to the Capitol will proceed with charges of contempt against the former chief of staff of the White House of Donald Trump, Mark Meadows, after he did not comply with a subpoena to declare.

In a letter to Meadows’ attorney, Bennie Thompson, he stated that Meadows has already provided documents to the panel, including personal emails and texts about former President Donald Trump’s efforts to overturn his defeat in the 2020 election. However, Meadows does not know. He appeared today for a scheduled appearance after his attorney, George Terwilliger, told the panel that he would suspend his cooperation.

Thompson noted in the letter that Meadows already published a book, released this week, that looks at the Jan.6 attack.


“For him to sell his version of the events of that day while denying a Congressional panel the opportunity to interview him about the attack on our Capitol represents a historic and aggressive challenge to Congress,” Thompson said in the letter to Terwilliger.

The lower house has already found longtime Trump ally Steve Bannon in contempt after he failed to appear and the Justice Department indicted Bannon on two counts.

The documents Meadows has already provided to the panel, Thompson writes, include communications from the presidential election period and before the attack and involve the White House’s efforts to reverse Joe Biden’s election victory. An email outlines what Thompson characterized as a “direct collateral attack” that would have included naming an alternate group of voters.

Terwilliger did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the letter.



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