A Pastor Says The "silent Christian" Donald Trump Wanted To Build a Megachurch

In addition to skyscrapers, Trump planned to erect something similar to the Crystal Cathedral in Los Angeles, his spiritual advisor revealed.

Pastor and evangelist Paula White-Cain, who became a spiritual adviser to Donald Trump, said in an interview with Washington Examiner that the current US president had plans to build a crystal megachurch and in 2006 took concrete steps and even made a commission To an architect.

"Let's do it, let's build it before we're too old," "let's build a glass cathedral for God," White-Cain quoted Trump's supposed words. The spiritual adviser of the US president explained that at that time he could not devote himself to that significant project because he was going through a tense time and was tight with time.


The pastor, who pronounced the invocation in Trump's inauguration in January 2017, commented that building a temple of God "was part of a dream" of the president, and suggested that the final result would be similar to the cathedral of glass located near Los Angeles.

Now White-Cain is promoting his new autobiographical book 'Something Greater: Finding Triumph Over Trials', in which he dedicates certain parts to his 18-year friendship with Trump. The pastor says that the president "is a Christian", but that he is not like former President Bill Clinton who quoted the Bible and is silent about it. "He doesn't know how to speak in 'Christian', most people don't know," he said.

White-Cain added that Trump has not raised the issue lately, but does not rule out that the president finally builds the cathedral at some point: "Who knows what God will do."



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