A Police Officer Killed And Another Seriously Injured In a Car Accident In Front Of The US Capitol

A police officer has died and another has been seriously injured after being run over and attacked with a knife by an assailant next to the US Capitol. As explained by the police this Friday, the attacker, who was killed by the agents, rammed his car into one of the security barriers of the Capitol, got out of the vehicle and ran towards the guards armed with a knife.

“It is with great sadness that we announce that one of the officers has succumbed to his injuries,” Yogananda Pittman, Acting Chief of the Capitol Police, announced at a press conference to comment on what happened. An incident that the police do not consider an act of terrorism and that occurred just three months after the assault on the Capitol.


Pittman has explained that the attacker, identified by different media as Noah Green, received several shots from the guards after leaving his vehicle using a knife “aggressively” against them. The 25-year-old died shortly after in a Washington hospital.

The Capitol Police announced that several agents had been displaced to a northern access area on Independence Avenue after an incident with a vehicle. “The suspect is in custody. Both officers are wounded,” the police force said in a Twitter message. Finally, one of the agents and the attacker have died.

Minutes earlier, the police themselves had alerted the congressmen’s offices that there was “an external security threat.” “Due to an external security threat, the entry or exit of all the buildings of the US Capitol is not allowed at this time,” a police message sent to congressmen has indicated. According to preliminary information, a car had collided with one of the protection fences of the security perimeter.

Congress is in recess for the Easter holidays so legislators and senators are not inside, and the facilities were practically empty. President Biden left the White House this morning to spend the weekend at the Camp David rest home outside of Washington.

The US Capitol has been heavily armored since the January 6 assault by a mob of supporters of former President Donald Trump that left five dead, although some of the security fences had been partially removed two weeks ago.



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