A Protester Stormed a Trump Political Hearing At a Hearing: "The Democratic Party Is Betraying This Country"

On Monday, December 9, the Judicial Committee of the House of Representatives met to hold a hearing on the political trial against the president of the United States, Donald Trump, in which his possible dismissal is discussed due to the alleged pressure that He exercised the Ukrainian government to investigate his political opponents.

But minutes after the session began, a protester stormed the room to shout slogans in favor of the current president. “Jerri Nadler and the Democratic Party are committing treason to this country … You are the one who commits treason. We are not going to sit here and watch him run a scam of political judgment and eliminate our votes. We voted for Donald Trump and they are trying to eliminate him because they don't like him. The Americans are fed up with their political judgment, they are fed up with the democratic betrayal, ”said the subject, while being escorted by the police.

When he entered the room, all eyes turned to him. The reporters covering the trial approached to take pictures, and the rest of those present recorded it with their cell phones. When he was removed from the site, the audience participants laughed; even Jerrold Nadler, president of the Judicial Committee of the House of Representatives, who had previously asked for silence in the courtroom.


The protester was identified as J. Owen Shroyer, host of the Infowars War Room talk show that specializes in covering topics related to Washington DC and Donald Trump. In his social networks he published a video of his emergence at the trial. Also images of how he was arrested after his protest. The magazine program in which he participates is related to the explosion of a pizzeria in the District in December 2016, to try to investigate Pizzagate.

It was a theory spread on social networks where the restaurant was said to be the epicenter of a pedophile network linked to Hillary Clinton. After the fire, Edgar Madison Welch, who was also a program host, was sentenced to four years in prison.

The political trial against Donald Trump

The Democratic Party in the United States began an investigation against Donald Trump in the House of Representatives in September to find out if he had asked the Ukrainian government to investigate Joe Biden, his main political opponent in the upcoming elections.

For his part, the president has proclaimed his innocence and denounces that the procedure is an unconstitutional investigation and a farce mounted against him.

This Monday, December 9, the Legal Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives will present its conclusions, after two months of investigation.

The panel will vote for the drafting of two charges against Trump, which can be abuse of power, bribery and obstruction. "The main accusation is that several times, this president placed his interests above national interests, that several times he sought foreign interference in our elections, both in 2016 and 2020, and that he also tried to cover it up," Jerrold said. Nadler

This is the beginning of a crucial week in the political trial, and that Democrats expect it to lead to a final vote before Christmas. This will make Donald Trump the third president in US history to face a political trial in Congress, only after Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton.



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